Make More Money Working Multiple Remote Jobs 2022

how many jobs you working.

And this isn't the first time this has been done for plenty of remote jobs. For years, it's not new, but this is my opinion on the matter. And as someone who is in the networking field, do I think it's possible to work more than one networking job, uh, compared to other fields of work. Do I have an issue with people working multiple jobs at the same time? No, I don't have an issue or if they don't affect one another, I don't see a problem with it. Make more money. Who cares? Who truly freaking cares? I think people were drawing attention to itself. I don't know if they felt as though this was, uh, doing businesses, uh, just terrible. All right. Oh, you're, it's not fair to the businesses. So, so I don't really understand the people that have such a loyalty to companies or loyalty to businesses, sweetie. They don't got no loyalty to you. They will let you go and replace you in a heartbeat. You were just a number. You are just a person to these companies. If you stop being able to do the job or make the money, then you're gone. 

That's just, that's just what it is. So why. And they're not paying people enough. All right, inflation. There's so many things that are out there, especially for people who are doing jobs that it's high demand and a lot of work, and you're not getting paid enough. And why not pick up a second job? People have been working two jobs. I think in my, in my opinion, I don't think it's the fact that it's people working more than one job. I think it's a fact that it's people working more than one job at the same time. Uh, take same time frame. I should say. Cause it used to be before remote work used to be as popular as it is now when you got a second job, either did it after work on the weekends, uh, working part time, things like that. But working more than one job is not new. Not everybody's job is as busy as others. 

Not everybody job, not everyone's job is customer facing like that. If you can get your job done in two, three hours, and then you got the rest of the day, why not get another job? I'm not condoning about saying you should do it, but you can, you can do it. It's not that big of a deal. There are companies now that are having clauses put in their onboarding. I've heard that you cannot have a second job during the background. Like it there, they just do it too much. I don't know. As long as you're doing the job, you are doing it on time. Everything, all your tasks are getting completed. And as long as all that stuff is getting done every day, why does it matter? Truly? Why does it matter? There are people that I seen online follow on social media, people that I'm cool with and they just be advertised in like three, four computers. I'm like, oh, baking bank, making bank. Each job is like a hunted in 10 K salary. They're working four jobs at the same time, clearing almost a half a million like year, but you would ask them, dang, why are you working four jobs? And it's like, oh, well, this job is easy. All right, it's boring. I could do this job two hours of work. And then I got the rest of the day. They'll do the other ones. And they're all like low maintenance jobs. 

So they could do that. I guess I was more power to you. I won't be working for them. I won't be doing that a lot of times though, their contract work too. So if you got a contract job for six months and you got another contract job, most of the time it's it's contract work. That's what I've seen from the people that I personally know that are doing it. Now. I think that only works for certain career fields, job fields that only works depending on what it is that you do. Um, now as someone who is in networking and just it in general, do I think you can work more than one job in the networking field or the it field? Do I think you can do it? Yes. Yes, it is completely possible. You can do it. I think you can do it more so in roles that aren't very much so customer facing the thing that I know about true. I don't want to say true. It I'm a say it true. It rolls. All right. Let me not say that. I don't want to say cheer because that's very different than what it is. I would say true technical roles in it, technical roles in it, uh, because you know, everybody talking about day and it, a lot of times, and they ain't, in my opinion, really in it for another discussion, true technical roles, I think it's harder. And the reason why I say this is if you're watching this, maybe you are, and predominantly you do work in a technical field when them people come in and then P ones come in a numbness is, is important. As, as fixing that people there's an outage going on, you gotta drop everything. So if you're working another job, that's very, also high demand. Hey nah, nah, you gotta stop what you're doing to handle that business. People in help, desk roles, uh, knock roles, SOC roles, anything like that, that you're constantly on the phone, uh, rotating calls and all this other stuff. I don't really think you can do it. I just don't think you can do it. Physically are able to do it. Um, cause if you think about it, you're constantly on a phone you're constantly on call. Like you're constantly running through tickets. 

So I don't think you can, if you have a job where you're not on the phone all the time and it's more backend, then you can come and get more leeway. But you also have to understand that when a high priority issue comes in, you need to drop everything and handle that. So if you're going to have a second job, get another job, that's not as demanding as that. Not as customer facing, maybe doing more. So, um, paperwork, uh, diagramming, maybe closing out things. Um, anything just backend that doesn't require so much, but you it's not like, oh, I need to get this done ASAP, ASAP. There's an outage going on. Find that it may not be in networking. It may not be in your it field or maybe somewhere else, but it's a lower maintenance job than what you currently have. That's how I think people in networking can do it. It's just, I just don't think if you're in help desk, if you could do it, I just don't. I don't see how you can any type of customer service job. I don't see how you can do it. If I was working two jobs, would I tell y'all what I post that I was working more than one job probably. Uh, I probably not, but in this just, I'm just more private by nature. But at the same time, I don't want nobody messing with my back. Like you, ain't going to read through my bag. Baby is not going to happy. If I'm going to be working 2, 3, 4 jobs. It ain't nobody going to know about it. 

Ain't nobody gonna know about it, except for me and mommy hands. Cause we all live in the same county, but ain't nobody going to that's the, I guess just a little quick check real quick to check my on it at the end of the day is do whatever it is that you want to do. If you want to make some more money, make some more money. Hope you guys enjoyed this quick little chit chat. Let me know if you agree, you disagree. If you don't feel people doing that, if you think they take an advantage of the situation or if you think that we should take advantage of companies because we are disposable to them, 


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