The 300-610 Dumps V13.02 for CCNP Data Center are now available [2022]. For Passing On Your First Attempt

The 300-610 Dumps V13.02 for CCNP Data Center are now available [2022]. For Passing On Your First Attempt

DumpsBase provides updated Cisco 300-610 dumps with precise questions and verified answers for learning to ensure your success in the Designing Cisco Data Center Infrastructure (DCID) 300-610 exam. The 300-610 dumps V13.02 are accessible online, and they include 153 practice questions and answers that will help you pass your CCNP Data Center 300-610 DCID exam on the first try. Cisco 300-610 test dumps from DumpsBase will help you understand the questions and pass the real Cisco 300-610 exam with flying colors.

300-610 Dumps V13.02 for CCNP Data Center

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1. A cloud provider deploys an infrastructure based on Cisco ACI Fabric, Cisco UCS, and Cisco HyperFlex Data Platform. The storage area network will be based on Cisco MDS 9000 Series Switches with Hyper-V, VMware, and KVM used as the virtualization platform. The requirement is to deploy the overall solution by using a robust automation and orchestration tool.

Which tool meets these requirements?

2. An engineer must design a DNS service available to multiple network zones as a shared service. The network zones are deployed as VRFs within the data center network and no firewall is available for communication between VRFs.

Which protocol is needed to implement the shared services?

3. An engineer must deploy a Cisco HyperFlex system at two data centers. For redundancy reasons, the setup must achieve data protection in case of an entire site failure. The data must be available on both sites at all times to keep the recovery time objective to a minimum.

Which Cisco HyperFlex deployment model meets these requirements?

4. An engineer is installing a Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switch with F2-Series I/O Module. The company's strict security policy requires that the port be in-band.

The engineer must also keep these considerations in mind:

✑ The customer's security requirements mandate the use of a secure management mechanism that supports authentication and encryption.

✑ The port should support management over IP.

Which port type must be used to meet these requirements?

5. An engineer must design a secondary site to prevent a catastrophic primary site failure. The applications must communicate across sites via the data link layer of the OSI model. The Layer 3 transport that is available for this solution consists of 10-Gb connections over Layer 3.

Which two solutions meet these requirements? (Choose two)

6. Refer to the exhibit.

A customer must ensure that the interface on a switch has enough resources to sustain the line rate traffic during peak load.

Which action meets this requirement?

7. A company purchased a Cisco UCS system with four 5108 Chassis populated with UCS B-Series servers. The environment consists of nine Cisco HyperFlex rack servers. An engineer must provision virtual machines using an orchestration tool to optimize overall deployment time.

Which orchestration must be used to meet this requirement?

8. A network engineer must design a data center network with four Cisco Nexus 7706 switches. The switches will be installed in primary and secondary data centers in vPC domains. The two data centers must be connected via Layer 2 links and provide the maximum throughput, redundancy, and avoid port-blocking spanning-tree design.

Which deployment model meets these requirements?


A failure occurs on the network between two BFD and OSPF neighbors. Drag and drop the protocol actions from the left into the correct order on the right.

10. A network architect designs the iSCSI-based storage area network solution. The iSCSI datastore must be designed with high availability, minimal downtime, and no single point of failure. The requirement is to fail over I/O to alternate paths based on SCSI sense codes without reliance on network failures.

Which feature must be deployed to meet these requirements?

11. An engineer must design a Cisco HyperFlex solution to support a virtualized environment in a single data center location.

The design must consider these customer requirements:

✑ a large-scale cluster with eight or more nodes

✑ distributed high-performance file system for virtualized servers

✑ high fault tolerance to multiple node failures

Which action meets these objectives?

12. An engineer enables the HSRP feature on a Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switch. It must be ensured that the switch manages packets that are sent to the local vPC MAC address, remote vPC MAC address, and HSRP virtual MAC address.

Which command accomplishes this goal?

13. An engineer is operating data center environment that hosts data-intensive financial applications. The applications are mostly processing HTTP/HTTPS data with large data segments, which results in a CPU contention due to the significant network processing.

Which set of the Ethernet adapter policies must be selected to resolve the issue?

14. An engineer must implement an iSCSI storage connectivity in the existing Cisco UCS environment. The environment is based on Cisco UCS -Series rack server, Cisco Nexus 1000V Series Switches, and VMware ESXi hosts.

The implementation must meet these requirements:

✑ Provide multipathing and high availability in the event of a critical path failure.

✑ Be cost-effective and not require the purchase of new equipment.

Which two components must be selected to meet these requirements? (Choose two)

15. A network engineer must create a Fibre Channel fabric QoS design for an existing data center. The solution must provide relative bandwidth guarantees to application traffic, control latency, and prioritize application traffic.

Which mechanism must be deployed to support these requirements?

16. A customer connects a high-speed Fibre Channel storage array to a Cisco MDS 9000 Series Switch using an 8 Gbps interface.

Which action guarantees line rate traffic processing on the interface?

17. A network consultant must design a high availability interconnection of a clustered Cisco UCS Fabric Interconnect toward two upstream Layer 2 switches. The Ethernet interconnection must use all redundant links and have no impact on the STP domain size.

Which connectivity solution must be used?

18. An engineer must integrate Layer 4 to Layer 7 services within Cisco ACI Fabric. The main requirement is to have a single point of configuration for network elements and firewall policies.

Which action meets these requirements?

19. A network consultant proposes that the configuration of the Cisco UCS servers be based on service templates to facilitate the UCS infrastructure operation. The service profiles must remain connected to the template and be modified when the template settings are changed.

Which configuration meets these requirements?

20. An engineer must choose the World Wide Port Name for the Cisco UCS Fibre Channel virtual host bus adapter.

Which identifier must be used?

21. Place a firewall between the VDCs.

D. 1) Create a separate VRF for the testing and development environments.

2) Control reachability by using firewall access policies.

22. Refer to the exhibit.

Server 1 fails to connect to the storage array over the Storage Area Network (SAN) of the Cisco NDS 9000 Series Switch.

The requirements are to redesign the storage network and keep these considerations in mind:

✑ The traffic from each of the server must be redundant and isolated.

✑ The design must tolerate hardware and software failures and upgrades of SAN fabric devices.

Which action must be taken to meet these requirements?

23. An engineer deploys VMware ESXi hypervisor on blade servers. The virtual networking is managed by Cisco Nexus 1000V Series Switches.

Which configuration aligns with Cisco recommended practices for providing high availability and a maximum throughput to the VMware ESXi hosts?

24. An engineer is implementing a Cisco UCS environment. The requirements for the solution are for the MAC addresses to be learned only on the server-facing ports. The use of the Spanning Tree Protocol must be avoided. Also, the engineer must have deterministic traffic handling from blades to uplink ports.

Which two settings must be selected to meet these requirements? (Choose two)

25. An engineer develops a framework for automatic repetitive tasks needed to manage a Cisco Nexus 9000 Series Switch.

The engineer plans to use a programmatic interface and must keep these considerations in mind.

• The customer’s environment requires the script to authenticate before executing further actions.

• The customer’s security requirements mandate the use of HTTP transport.

• The automation team is familiar with parsing messages encoded in XML or JSON format.

Which solution meets these requirements?

26. A cloud service provider provisioned four active/active data centers in various locations within the country at 50 miles between each data center. The data centers must provide redundant network infrastructure and always be available to customers.

Which two data center design steps must be used to meet these requirements? (Choose two)

27. An engineer is building a data center network with VXLAN EVPN. The requirement is to use multicast for the broadcast, unknown unicast, and multicast replication.

Which two VNI to multicast group mapping methods must be used to meet these requirements? (Choose two)

28. A storage administrator receives reports of network delays when database software attempts to access the storage array. The virtual machines that host the database software are installed on different rack servers connected to the Cisco UCS Fabric Interconnect domain. The existing SAN switches are connected to the Fabric Interconnects using two 8 Gb port-channel interfaces to connect the storage array. The storage administrator has decided to deploy iSCSI storage with four 10 Gbps interfaces connected to the Cisco UCS Fabric Interconnects.

Which deployment type resolves the problems with storage contention?

29. A network consultant reviews the requirements for the Storage Area Network (SAN) design. The proposed solution must offer a very efficient port usage and eliminate the need for a separate physical layer of switches and their associated ISLs. The design is not expected to require future expansion.

Which SAN topology must be used to meet these requirements?

30. An end user is experiencing network latency when accessing a database in a disaster recovery site. The monitoring team concluded that the database was writing simultaneously to the storage arrays on the primary and disaster recovery sites.

Which design resolves this issue?

31. A company needs a solution to virtualize their legacy desktop computers. The solution must be highly resilient and able to withstand the loss of a data center site. Each compute node requires a minimum of 20 disk drives.

Which solution meets these requirements?

32. An engineer must implement a WWPN pool for the vHBA template inside the Cisco UCS Manager. The template is used to connect a Cisco UCS B-Series blade to an external storage array.

Which addressing sequence accomplishes this goal?

33. An engineer seeks a solution to retrieve routing information from Cisco Nexus switches. The data must be exported to a web application in a JSON or XML data format for monitoring and must be encrypted during transmission. The solution must not require extensive knowledge to support and should be simple to implement.

Which technology accomplishes these goals?

34. A data center uses Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switch and contains two tenants, tenant A and tenant B.

✑ Tenant A uses IP addresses in the to range.

✑ Tenant B uses IP addresses in the to range.

The engineer must implement a solution that

✑ Isolates the traffic for each tenant as separate routing data and control planes.

✑ Physically partitions the Cisco Nexus device into separate multiple logical devices with separate management, failure domain isolation, and resource management.

Which two technologies meet these requirements? (Choose two)

35. A Cisco UCS chassis with several blade servers, a pair of IOMs, and a pair of Cisco UCS Fabric Interconnects are installed in a data center.

Which two high-availability architectures are recommended between the IOMs and fabric interconnects? (Choose two)

A. One, two, four and eight links are supported to be used between each IOM and fabric interconnect.

B. IOM is connected to the fabric interconnect that is acting as fabric

A. and IOM B is connected to the fabric interconnect that is acting as fabric B.

C. Any combination of one to eight links are supported to be used between each IOM and fabric interconnect.

D. The lOMs are connected with multiple straight and cross-connect links toward a pair of nonclustered fabric interconnects.

E. Straight and cross-connect links should be used between the lOMs and fabric interconnects to offer higher availability.

36. What is an advantage of using OTV as compared to VPLS for data center redundancy?


A failure occurs on the network between two BFD and OSPF neighbors.

Drag and drop the protocol actions from the left into the correct order on the right.

38. Which multicast rendezvous point redundancy mode is valid for Bidirectional PIM?

39. An engineer deploys LISP VM mobility.

Which feature is configured on the interfaces that have VM mobility enabled?

40. What are two advantages of using Cisco vPC over traditional access layer designs? (Choose two.)


Drag the appropriate from the left onto the current UDLD modes of operation on the right.

42. What is a design consideration when implementing FSPF?

43. Which two features are provided by deploying an OOB management network in a Cisco Nexus data center? (Choose two.)

44. The management of the Cisco Nexus switches is provided over an isolated put-of-band network. The VDC feature is configured on the Cisco Nexus core switches.

How is out-of-band management access provided for each VDC?

45. Which two configurations allow for routing traffic between two VDCs? (Choose two.)

46. Which protocol prevents fiber failures from causing a Layer 2 loop in a dark fiber DCI?


Drag and drop the data center technologies from the left onto the correct descriptions on the right. Not all technologies are used.

48. What are two characteristics of VRF-Lite on the Cisco NX-OS platform? (Choose two.)

49. Refer to the exhibit.

What must be the default gateway of the servers in EPG Web?

50. Which element is the main functional component of the architecture that separates the internal fabric and the external network that connects sites when VXLAN EVPN is deployed multisite?

51. Which feature must be configured to connect a classical Ethernet network to a data center network so that the data center network appears to be one large switch.

52. When planning to deploy a load-balancing service as a managed node, which ACI configuration must be included?

53. What are two reasons to select OTV as the DCI solution to connect multisite topologies? (Choose two.)

54. Which technology enables Layer 2 extension between remote data center sites?


Drag and drop the Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switch resources from the left onto the correct groups on the right.


Drag and drop the feature descriptions from the left onto the correct UCS Fabric Interconnect modes on the right.

57. Which two statements describe Ethernet switching mode on Cisco UCS 6100 Series Fabric Interconnects? (Choose two.)

58. A Cisco UCS instance has four interfaces on a UCS VIC. Where on the fabric interconnect does each interface terminate?

59. Refer to the exhibit.

A Cisco UCS chassis that has two IOMs is discovered. The chassis discovery policy creates a fabric port channel.

What is the result of this policy?


Drag and drop the configurations from the left onto the correct policies on the right.

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