2022 Oracle 1z0-052 - Questions & Answers 2022

Oracle 1z0-052 Exam Actual Question

 The questions for 1z0-052 were last updated at April 28, 2022.

Oracle 1z0-052 Exam Actual Question

    Question #1Topic 1

    You notice that the performance of the database has degraded because of frequent checkpoints.
    Which two actions resolve the issue? (Choose two.)

    • A. Disable automatic checkpoint tuning
    • B. Check the size of the redo log file size and increase the size if it is small
    • C. Set the FAST_START_MTTR_TARGET parameter as per the advice given by the MTTR Advisor
    • D. Decrease the number of redo log members if there are more than one redo log members available in each redo log group

    Correct Answer: BC 🗳️

    Question #2Topic 1

    Identify the memory component from which memory may be allocated for:
    Session memory for the shared serverBuffers for I/O slavesOracle Database Recovery Manager (RMAN) backup and restore operations

    • A. Large Pool
    • B. Redo Log Buffer
    • C. Database Buffer Cache
    • D. Program Global Area (PGA)

    Correct Answer: A 🗳️

    Question #3Topic 1

    You executed the following command to create a tablespace called SALES_DATA:

    Which two statements are true about the SALES_DATA tablespace? (Choose two)

    • A. The database automatically determines the extent-sizing policy for the tablespace.
    • B. The segments are automatically shrunk when the contents are removed from them.
    • C. The allocation of extents within the tablespace is managed through the dictionary tables.
    • D. The space utilization description of the data blocks in segments is recorded in bitmap blocks.
    • E. The space utilization description of the data blocks in segments is managed through free lists.

    Correct Answer: AD 🗳️

    Question #4Topic 1

    In which of the scenario will the DBA perform recovery? (Choose all that apply.)

    • A. The alert log file is corrupted.
    • B. A tablespace is accidentally dropped.
    • C. One of the redo log members is corrupted.
    • D. A database user terminates the session abnormally.
    • E. The hard disk on which the data files is stored is corrupted.

    Correct Answer: BE 🗳️

    Question #5Topic 1

    You want to enable archiving on your database. Presently, the database is running in NOARCHIVELOG mode.
    Given below are the steps to accomplish the task in random order:
    1. Shut down the instance.
    2. Execute the ALTER DATABASE ARCHIVELOG command.
    3. Start up the instance and mount the database.
    4. Set the DB_RECOVERY_FILE_DEST initialization parameter to $ORACLE_HOME/dest_1.
    5. Open the database.
    Which is the correct sequence of steps for accomplishing the task?

    • A. 4, 1, 3, 2, 5
    • B. 1, 3, 4, 5, 2
    • C. 1, 3, 2, 5; 4 not required
    • D. 4, 1, 5, 2; 3 not required
    • E. 1, 3, 4, 5; 2 not required

    Correct Answer: C 🗳️

    Question #6Topic 1

    You want to check the details of few errors that users have reported. You search for the alert log file and execute few commands to find the location of the alert log file.
    View the Exhibit and check the commands executed.

    What is the location of the alert_orcl.log file?

    • A. ORACLE_HOME/dbs
    • B. ORACEL_HOME/rdbms
    • C. /u01/app/oracle/admin/orcl/adump
    • D. /u01/app/oracle/flash_recovery_area
    • E. ORACLE_BASE/diag/rdbms/orcl/alert
    • F. ORACLE_BASE/diag/rdbms/orcl/orcl/trace

    Correct Answer: F 🗳️

    Question #7Topic 1

    See the Exhibit:

    Which statements are true regarding the USERS tablespace? (Choose all that apply.)

    • A. A bitmap is used to record free extents
    • B. Free extents information is managed within the tablespace
    • C. Free extents information is managed in the SYSAUX tablespace
    • D. The data dictionary tables are updated when extents are allocated or deallocated

    Correct Answer: AB 🗳️

    Question #8Topic 1

    Examine the values for the following initialization parameters:


    Which two will be the implications of these values in your database? (Choose two.)

    • A. The SGA advisor will be disabled
    • B. The MTTR advisor will be disabled
    • C. Automatic checkpoint tuning will be disabled
    • D. Checkpoint information will not be written to the alert log file

    Correct Answer: BC 🗳️

    Question #9Topic 1

    In your database instance, the STATISTICS_LEVEL initialization parameter is set to BASIC.
    What is the impact of this setting?

    • A. Optimizer statistics are collected automatically.
    • B. Only timed operating system (OS) statistics and plan execution statistics are collected.
    • C. The snapshots for the Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) are not generated automatically.
    • D. Snapshots cannot be collected manually by using the DBMS_WORKLOAD_REPOSITORY package.
    • E. The Oracle server dynamically generates the necessary statistics on tables as part of query optimization.

    Correct Answer: C 🗳️

    Question #10Topic 1

    You have recently collected statistics on certain objects of a schema in your database. But you observe suboptimal execution plans for the queries on these objects after two days of statistics collection. The optimizer statistics retention period is set to its default value.
    Which action would help to use the previous set of statistics on the objects?

    • A. Restore statistics from statistics history.
    • B. Reduce the optimizer statistics retention period by 2 days.
    • C. Set the OPTIMIZER_PENDING_STATISTICS parameter to TRUE.
    • D. Reduce the Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) retention period by 2 days.

    Correct Answer: A 🗳️

    Question #11Topic 1

    Which three statements regarding the server parameter file (SPFILE) are true? (Choose three.)

    • A. An SPFILE is a binary file.
    • B. An SPFILE cannot reside on a client.
    • C. An SPFILE cannot contain static parameters.
    • D. An SPFILE can store changes persistently across instance restarts.
    • E. An SPFILE can be read by the database server, but it is not written to by the server.
    • F. An SPFILE must be created manually, before creating a database, even if you use the Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA) to create the database.

    Correct Answer: ABD 🗳️

    Question #12Topic 1

    Your test database is configured to run in NOARCHIVELOG mode. One of the data files in the USERS tablespace is lost due to a media failure. You notice that all the online redo logs have been overwritten since the last backup.
    What would you do to recover the data file?

    • A. Take the USERS tablespace offline and re-create the lost data file.
    • B. Shut down the instance, restore the data file from the last consistent backup and restart the database instance.
    • C. Shut down the instance, restores all the database files from the last consistent backup and restart the database instance.
    • D. Take the USERS tablespace offline, restore all the data files of the USERS tablespace from the last consistent backup and make the tablespace online.

    Correct Answer: C 🗳️

    Question #13Topic 1

    Examine the command:
    Which statement describes the effect of the above command?

    • A. Automatic statistics collection is stopped for the CUSTOMERS table
    • B. Statistics for the CUSTOMERS table are locked and cannot be overwritten
    • C. Existing statistics for the CUSTOMERS table become unusable for the query optimizer
    • D. Subsequently, statistics gathered on the CUSTOMERS table are stored as pending statistics

    Correct Answer: D 🗳️

    Question #14Topic 1

    The instance abnormally terminates because of a power outage.
    Which statement is true about redo log files during instance recovery?

    • A. Inactive and current redo log files are required to accomplish recovery.
    • B. Online and archived redo files are required to accomplish instance recovery.
    • C. All redo log entries after the last checkpoint are applied from redo log files to data files.
    • D. All redo log entries recorded in the current log file until the checkpoint position are applied to data files.

    Correct Answer: C 🗳️

    Question #15Topic 1

    Examine the command:
    Which two statements are true after the command is executed? (Choose two.)

    • A. The SKD user cannot log in to the database instance
    • B. The objects owned by the SKD user are not accessible to any user
    • C. The other users can access the objects owned by the SKD user, on which they have access
    • D. The password for the SKD user expires and the user is forced to change the password at the next log in

    Correct Answer: AC 🗳️

    Question #16Topic 1

    For which database operation would you need the database to be in the MOUNT state?

    • A. Renaming the control files
    • B. Re-creating the control files
    • C. Dropping a user in your database
    • D. Dropping a tablespace in your database
    • E. Configuring the database instance to operate in the ARCHIVELOG or NOARCHIVELOG modes

    Correct Answer: E 🗳️

    Question #17Topic 1

    The job to gather optimizer statistics for objects runs as part of the automatic maintenance window in your database instance. At a certain point of time, the maintenance window closes before the statistics are gathered for all objects.
    Which statement is true in this scenario?

    • A. The statistics collection continues until all objects are processed.
    • B. The job is terminated and the statistics collected are restored to a time before the job started.
    • C. This produces an error and the statistics collected are locked until the next time that the maintenance window is opened.
    • D. The job is terminated and the statistics for the remaining objects are collected the next time that the maintenance window is opened.

    Correct Answer: D 🗳️

    Question #18Topic 1

    You want to move all objects of the APPS user in the test database to the DB_USR schema of the production database. Which option of IMPDP would you use to accomplish this task?

    • A. FULL
    • B. SCHEMAS

    Correct Answer: D 🗳️

    Question #19Topic 1

    You executed the following command to create a password file in the database server:
    $ orapwd file = orapworcl entries = 5 ignorecase=N
    Which statement describes the purpose of the above password file?

    • A. It records usernames and passwords of users when granted the DBA role
    • B. It contains usernames and passwords of users for whom auditing is enabled
    • C. It is used by Oracle to authenticate users for remote database administrator
    • D. It records usernames and passwords of all users when they are added to OSDBA or OSOPER operating groups

    Correct Answer: C 🗳️

    Question #20Topic 1

    2 DATAFILE '/u01/app/oracle/oradata/orcl/mrkt.dbf' size 10M LOGGING
    Tablespace created.
    Database altered.
    Which two statements are true regarding the MRKT tablespace? (Choose two.)

    • A. No more data files can be added to the tablespace.
    • B. Segment space is managed by free lists in the tablespace.
    • C. A user created without being assigned a default tablespace uses this tablespace.
    • D. The tablespace can be dropped with the current setting with segments present in it.

    Correct Answer: AC 🗳️

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